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soXos Strike 7.1 Kit with Blades – Orange

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soXos 550-V2 Combo Red / Yellow – 8855-5

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soXos 550-V2 Kit with Blades - 8856-1

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soXos 550-V2 Kit with Blades – 8856-1

£559.99 incl. VAT

Heli Professional soXos 550-V2 Kit with Blades – 8856-1

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By soXos 550-V2 Kit the pilots left to be desired.

The soXos 550-V2 Kit is the perfect compromise between stability and agility with ingenious technology that makes a lot of fun while flying!

The Canopy of the soXos 550-V2 Kit is available in the color red / yellow.

Features soXos 550-V2 Kit:

– Made of a one-piece milled aluminum main frame for minimal weight and maximum stiffness.
– The intelligent construction allows for simple maintenance and easy replacement of individual components.
– With the battery quick change system, the batteries can be changed swiftly and easily.
– With the large battery Space, you can use Lipos up to 6S-6200mAh.
– A Robust full helical drive train made of special composite plastic ensures optimal power transmission.
– A strong and short main rotor head for maximum precision during extreme manoeuvres.
– Specially developed main Head-Dampers for the highest Precision across a range of headpeeds.



– Damped tail rotor housing, which provides vibration free operation.
– The simple and effective torque tube transmits the servo’s rotary motion right to the tail pitch slider without play.



1x soXos 550-V2 KIT
1x 1st-RC Main blades 550mm
1x 1st-RC Tail blades 90mm
1x Canopy Red / Yellow
1x Manual

Recommended Components (not included in the kit):

– Flybarless-System
– ESC: 6S – 100A
– Brushless Motor: ca.1100KV (6S)
– Motor-Pinion: 15-19 Teeth (Gear ratio: 7.94-10.06)
– 3x Swashplate servos 25T: e.g. ST-3010MG HV-Brushless
– Tail servo: e.g. ST-3015MG HV-Brushless
– Lipo  5000 – 6200mAh 6S
– Transmitter / Receiver

Technical description

Length: 1’150mm
Height: 330mm
Weight (without lipo): ca. 2’780g
Main rotor diameter: ca. 1’250mm
Gear ratio main rotor – motor: 1:7.94 to 1:10.06
Gear ratio main rotor – tail rotor: 1:4.8
Main shaft: 10mm
Spindle shaft: 8m


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